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Getting Started at a New Job and trying to fit it? We have your back!

Novembre 28, 2023
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Generacijo Z, tražite li poslovnu priliku? 

Ottobre 30, 2023
Znaš li da za čak 77 % pripradnika Generacije Z digitalna tehnologija predstavlja način i stil života bez koje ne mogu svakodnevno funkcionirati? U posljednje vrijeme često predstavljeni kao nestrpljivi i vrlo otvoreni u svojim poslovnim i privatnim zahtjevima, ova generacija, kao i svaka druga ima svoje velike prednosti – kreativni su, znatiželjni i ambiciozni.
Ela Brolich
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Ela's inspiring story about progress

Agosto 16, 2023
When we talk about motivation and professional development, we highlight our trainer Ela to demonstrate that Assist Digital offers equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of their previous work experience and background knowledge. With a dedication to work, motivation, and a friendly team, everything seems more manageable!
Melita i Paolo
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Različite generacije pod jednim krovom Assist Digitala 

Luglio 31, 2023
Generacijski jaz je nešto s čim se suočavaju danas gotovo sve kompanije. Milenijalci ili generacija Y s jedne strane, a s druge generacija Z ili post-milenijalci, svaka na svoj način specifična i sustavu vrijedna.
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Luglio 19, 2023
We are in step with AI trends, and these are the top 5 tools we use to make our colleagues work smarter, not harder.
Assist Digital blog
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Two different perspectives, one great opportunity: Assist is a total win-win for Marko and Ana

Giugno 30, 2023
Even though Marko and Ana have different job preferences, lifestyles, and career goals, both of them have recognized the values that they identify with in Assist.
AD blog_Sveučilište u Rijeci
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Employee Development: Inspirational Lecture by Marta Radan

Giugno 26, 2023
Employee development is not only the company's obligation but also the employees' responsibility. Investing in one's own knowledge and skills has become a crucial factor for career advancement or finding the first job, and that's precisely what HR manager Marta Radan talked about during her lecture at the University of Rijeka.
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Meet Marko, our best Croatian team leader in 2022 and his secrets of becoming one

Giugno 14, 2023
Marko Bregović recently won the award for the best Croatian 2022 Team leader. So of course, we became very interested and decided to ask him a couple of questions. We talked about what exactly his job is and how generally the world of customer support works, from his perspective.
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Customer care consultants who are with us since day one. Find out why. 

Aprile 26, 2023
"The relationships within my team, the relaxed atmosphere and the dynamics of the work that requires solving problems keep me going. No day is the same at Assist."
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We are opening offices throughout Europe; find out what opportunities we have for you

Aprile 20, 2023
Working in Croatia but collaborating with clients and colleagues from all around the world is what we do every day. So not only can you hear several languages in our Zagreb and Rijeka offices - English, German, Italian, Slovenian, and Serbian - but as part of our international programs, you can also have the opportunity to work in any Assist Digital center in the world.  
Untitled design
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We attract and retain our employees with good benefits

Marzo 27, 2023
Without dedication, you can’t build a marriage, friendship, client relationship, culture, or company. Loyalty is not a weakness but a decision that goes both ways.
AD blog 2
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Are you looking for a job that can accommodate your schedule or goals?

Marzo 1, 2023
Then, a Customer Care Consultant position at Assist Digital is ideal for you.
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Your application arrived! Find out what comes next

Gennaio 23, 2023
Selection processes can be long and they often bring a dose of uncertainty. We designed a simple, quick and accessible process. Take a look!
austin distel gUIJ0YszPig unsplash
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How to write a winning CV

Gennaio 5, 2023
The table holding resumes has two piles. Here are some tips on how to make yours end up in the right pile.
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Having a hobby offers work-life balance 

Dicembre 28, 2022
Find out from Kristijan and Darko, our employees, how they include hobbies in their free time and how much this means to them.
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Coffee break with Ivan Kofler: Onboarding education at Assist Digital

Dicembre 5, 2022
Find out firsthand what makes the initial training at Assist Digital successful and how it gives our employees the confidence they need
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Assist Digital provides the opportunities and experience you are looking for

Ottobre 25, 2022
Did you know that we are an international leader providing customer support with over 15 years of experience?
assist digital 00458
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How to provide excellent customer service 

Ottobre 14, 2022
Customer care agents wear many hats – they possess excellent communication skills, quickly acquire new knowledge, and easily use the latest technology
assist digital 00049
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Why is the job of a customer support agent so important? 

Settembre 13, 2022
In most cases, this is because the call center is the first and potentially only point of contact with the customer.
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Our employees deserve thank you messages

Settembre 1, 2022
There are people who don't like surprises, but everyone likes gifts! We at Assist Digital know this and that's why we introduced a whole series of reasons and opportunities to reward our employees.
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We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Croatia

Agosto 3, 2022
We are proud to say that we have been successfully operating in Rijeka for 10 years!
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Summer is in full swing, just like us!

Luglio 26, 2022
Find out how we prepared for another warm and busy summer!
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We offer students a dynamic start in their careers

Luglio 15, 2022
Assist Digital loves students and students love us! Find out why.
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Dejan and Vedrana live in Croatia and work with people from all over the world

Luglio 8, 2022
You don't have to travel to Italy or wait for another German movie on Netflix. A job in a contact center is an excellent opportunity to talk to customers and colleagues all around the world.
assist digital zagreb 32
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Who says you have to choose between challenging tasks and work-life balance?

Giugno 20, 2022
Whether you want to spend your free time in nature or on the sports field, with colleagues from work or with family and friends, with Assist Digital, you can.
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Customer Superheroes deserve super benefits

Giugno 3, 2022
We know that no pair of shoes suit everyone, so we designed a whole range of benefits to suit different lifestyles.
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Meet Matija, Domagoj and Paolo

Maggio 16, 2022
They started their careers at Assist Digital as customer support agents and confirmed that there are no limits for those who want to learn and grow with us.
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No limits: career at Assist Digital

Aprile 26, 2022
Unsure about where you want to work? No worries! Ana Marković, our HR Generalist, who started her career at Assist Digital as a customer support agent, was once too. Read her story!
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We're celebrating three years of Assist Digital in Zagreb!

Aprile 14, 2022
Although it feels like a blink of an eye, we're already celebrating three years of our Zagreb office!
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Tražite posao u call centru? Evo zbog čega ćete poželjeti ostati

Marzo 4, 2022
Meet Rea and Andrea! Although they work on different projects, they agree on one thing: they both love working at Assist Digital. Here's why!
assist digital zagreb 55
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The job in the contact center is a team sport, and we have great players

Febbraio 28, 2022
Meet our team, read their stories, and learn all about the exciting moments that make us love working at Assist Digital.
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A day in a life of a Quality Specialist

Gennaio 24, 2022
How do agents manage to provide the right answer to each query? With a lot of education and a lot of support from the quality team. Here's what it takes to be a Quality Specialist!
assist digital zagreb 32 3
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How to prepare for a job interview?

Dicembre 17, 2021
We listed a few tips that will help you get a job interview with a smile.
Bruno Cubic fotografija za blog scaled
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Day in a life of a Customer Support Agent

Dicembre 15, 2021
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a customer support agent? Our agent Bruno Ćubić revealed what his working day looks like.
assist digital rijeka 171 4
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Here are the top 6 customer service skills you need as a representative

Novembre 16, 2021
Za pružanje korisničke podrške potrebno je usvojiti određene vještine s kojima će agent riješiti svaki upit bez problema. Evo koje su to!
Screenshot 20210928 131137 Gallery compressed
Last Assist Digital stories

Small moments are big to us

Ottobre 14, 2021
In honour of the National Customer Service Week, we listed our favourite ways to celebrate small moments.
assist digital zagreb 29 3
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How is digital transformation improving customer support?

Ottobre 4, 2021
Read on below to find out more about what digital transformation is and its importance in managing relationship with customers.
assist digital zagreb 9 1
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What does a day at Assist Digital look like?

Ottobre 4, 2021
If you want to take a peek at our centres and check how we spend our days at work, let us take you on a virtual tour of our offices in Rijeka and Zagreb!
assist digital zagreb 114 2 1
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The art of being a Customer Superhero while being a student

Ottobre 4, 2021
From the stories of our agents who joined us during their studies, we singled out a few tips on how to successfully balance study and work.
zagreb assist digital 16 003
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Hello, my name is Luka, how can I Assist you?

Settembre 20, 2021
Most of the time this is the first contact/touch point customers have with brands. And depending on the sector, this is the only contact they will have with the brand.
assist digital zagreb 45 compressed
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Good, better, the best customer service

Settembre 10, 2021
High-quality customer service creates loyal customers and the path to that objective starts with a human touch. So, 1st pillar of outstanding customer service is personalization.
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What are Customer Superheroes made of?

Settembre 1, 2021
There are not women and men made of steel, nor they are from Krypton. But they do have super skills required for them to provide the best customer service. Where does their superpower lay?

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