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We are in step with AI trends, and these are the top 5 tools we use to make our colleagues work smarter, not harder.
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The topic of AI tools is hotter than a summer beach party! Every company is checking out these AI tools to make their processes smoother, enhance communication, save incomes, and, most importantly, liberate their employees from tiring, repetitive tasks. It's all about empowering them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Moreover, many people wonder- will my job still exist, and will a robot replace me in a few years? We're pretty sure that won't happen because there's a huge human factor in our work: the direct, human approach —warm, empathetic communication with our clients.

Marta Radan, Assist Digital Hrvatska

Marta Radan, the HR Director at Assist, confirms that they have also been keeping up with global trends in this field."We have been using AI tools for a long time to simplify our work, optimize task distribution, and save resources. We've already optimized several of our products using AI tools, and the trend will continue in the same direction. We want to reduce repetitive tasks for our employees and give them more time for other strategically-oriented jobs. It's also about sustainable business practices because we recycle existing resources instead of constantly producing new ones..  

What AI tools are we already using at Assist Digital?

There are also global trends in how AI is used, aiming to make customer interactions more efficient and faster. These are just a few tools being created and implemented in client support companies daily: 

  1. TalkActive 

TalkActive leverages the best AI technologies combined with real-time human support and creates conversational experiences comparable to human assistance. It understands everything, even domain-specific expressions, accents, complex contents or codes. Performance is very high even with background noise. 

  1. DragoMan 

DragoMan is a Machine Translation platform to address the need to automate translation processes. It enables operators to manage real-time conversations via chat, email, or messaging in multiple languages, translating from the customer to the operator's language and vice versa. 

  1. ChatterBox 

Chatterbox is our omnichannel platform that allows you to enable multi-channel conversations with customers and with points of sale, agents, or consultants on the field. Chatterbox orchestrates chats in a single environment and keeps track of all messages and requests handled by each user in cross-channel mode. 

  1. ChatBot

A solution to design, develop and manage multi-channel chatbots (Web, App, Messaging) for automating customer interactions. 

  1. Yammu 

With Yammu, customers receive many functions united in one tool. It combines flexible configuration of administrative concerns with efficient planning of resources, even in a highly complex environment. For employees, the administrative effort for shift swaps, time coordination, etc., is significantly reduced, as it can be managed quickly and easily by themselves. 

The development of AI tools will certainly stick around. It's here to stay, and all we can do is ride the wave of digitalization and use it to our advantage and the delight of all our employees and customers. Join us and be part of it too! 


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