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Two different perspectives, one great opportunity: Assist is a total win-win for Marko and Ana

Even though Marko and Ana have different job preferences, lifestyles, and career goals, both of them have recognized the values that they identify with in Assist.
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No matter their previous work experiences, Marko and Ana chose Assist Digital as their new employer because of their desire and potential for growth in the workplace. You can find their stories in the texts below!

Marko: You can find stability and professional development in Assist 

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Marko, a young and ambitious man, is a future employee of Assist who has applied for the position of Customer Care Consultant. After finishing hotel and tourism school in Zagreb, he worked seasonal jobs in tourism, within and outside of Croatia. He is flexible and open-minded and, at the same time, wants stability in his life, especially as he and his fiancée are expecting a baby. 

With two years of customer support experience, Marko found the perfect fit in Assist's offer of a permanent full-time position. He enjoys working in tourism and interacting with people. His experience working as a hotel receptionist helped him deal better with various situations. Although he may be a newcomer, Marko, like all our new employees, will undergo the onboarding process and benefit from mentorship provided by more experienced colleagues. 

Marko says Assist is exactly what he was seeking in an ideal job. He found a good atmosphere and support in the company. Moreover, competitive compensation, along with financial perks like Christmas and Easter bonuses, holiday pay, and a loyalty bonus, played a significant role in his decision-making process. He appreciates that Assist is an international company with growth opportunities and a strong emphasis on teamwork. 

With the support of the HR team and clear and open communication, Marko has found a company that aligns perfectly with his values. 

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Ana: The role of Team Leader provides a sense of satisfaction and opens up opportunities for my professional growth

Ana has always been passionate about work, and when she came across the job posting for a Team Leader position in Assist, she knew she wanted to be part of our team. As a graduate in Communications, she was primarily attracted to our mission of providing excellent customer support and creating an inspiring work atmosphere. Although she knew the job would be challenging, she was ready tto take on the responsibility and guide her team toward crushing the set goals. 

Ana wasted no time in realizing that Assist had the flexibility she had been seeking. She no longer had to work in shifts, allowing her to better balance work and personal life. On top of that, the positive work atmosphere and the company's engagement in organizing various activities for employees further strengthened her decision. 

What inspired her was the opportunity to implement changes in Assist, actively participate in the company's development, and create and organize different projects. Additional training, leadership and developing necessary communication skills, along with the opportunity to exchange to one of our branches worldwide, Ana recognized as excellent business advantages.  

Through her story, Ana reminds us that achieving our dreams and co-creating a work environment that fosters growth and success for everyone involved is possible. 

We know that each of us has our own values, so we strive to create an environment that supports different goals and ambitions. Whether you are an experienced team leader or new to customer support, we provide opportunities for personal and professional development, support in achieving goals, and a work atmosphere that values and rewards various skills. 

Are you interested in working at Assist? open positions and get in touch with us! 


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