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Employee Development: Inspirational Lecture by Marta Radan

Employee development is not only the company's obligation but also the employees' responsibility. Investing in one's own knowledge and skills has become a crucial factor for career advancement or finding the first job, and that's precisely what HR manager Marta Radan talked about during her lecture at the University of Rijeka.
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From the perspective of a person with years of experience in human resources, Marta was invited to give a lecture on the topic of "The Job Market in the Era of Change: Analysis of Contemporary Trends and the Importance of Language Skills for Employment," which was organized in collaboration with the Career Office at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka.Tržište rada u eri promjena: Analiza suvremenih trendova i važnost jezičnih vještina za zaposlenje” koje je održano u suradnji s Uredom za karijere na Filozofskom fakultetu Rijeka. 

Marta started her lecture by reflecting on contemporary trends in the job market. She emphasized that the business world is constantly changing, and each of us from our own domain faces new challenges. In such an environment, continuous development is crucial to remain competitive. She particularly emphasized the importance of acquiring language skills and digital competencies as essential factors for success in a career. These skills are becoming necessary in almost every sector, especially in Assist Digital's operations - information technology and customer experience delivery. 

The lecture was not purely theoretical. Marta acquainted the audience with concrete employment opportunities at the Rijeka office of Assist Digital. Regardless of their field of study or previous work experience, the company provides excellent opportunities for anyone interested in working in an international customer experience management company. Assist Digital stands out for its commitment to employee development. All future employees undergo comprehensive training that allows them to acquire new knowledge and skills, thereby supporting their personal and professional growth. Marta also emphasized the importance of continuous learning and openness regardless of the career stage we find ourselves in because, as she emphasized herself, we can continually improve. 

The applause and additional audience questions showed that the lecture prompted many to re-think and inspire them for further personal and professional development.  

At Assist Digital, we always look forward to collaborating with institutions such as the Career Office because we believe supporting young talents on their path to success is important. We are constantly searching for individuals ready to take on challenges and grow with us. If you want to work in a dynamic environment where you continuously develop and realize your potential, visit our careers page at http://bitly.ws/JaCE and learn more about employment opportunities at Assist Digital. 

Stay tuned for our monthly blogs as we will soon bring new interesting, inspiring stories, ideas, and advice on becoming the best version of yourself in the business world, especially in our industry.


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