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Customer care consultants who are with us since day one. Find out why. 

"The relationships within my team, the relaxed atmosphere and the dynamics of the work that requires solving problems keep me going. No day is the same at Assist."
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We are happy that about thirty customer care consultants,, who joined us on the first day of the opening of the Zagreb office in 2019, are still with us. This is a testament to the loyalty of our employees, and to the value we provide them for building a career with us. 

We understand that many people view customer care as a temporary job - something to do until they find something better. But at Assist Digital, we see things differently. We believe that customer care is a profession that requires skill, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. That's why we provide our employees with ongoing training and development opportunities, as well as a supportive and collaborative work environment. 

Continuous education and opportunities for development are a great support for our employees  

One of our employees, Julija Marunić, shares our opinion about opportunities for career development at Assist Digital. Julija joined us in 2019 as a Contact Center Consultant, and since then she has developed into a Senior position.  

"The relationships within my team, the relaxed atmosphere and the dynamics of the work that requires solving problems keep me going. No day is the same at Assist. I also appreciate the fair opportunity for advancement, the mentoring and support of my colleagues who guided me towards my current position. The greatest benefit that Assist offers is support in every way, both from colleagues and from HR, during every step of my journey at Assist. That support doesn't stop after the training for the position ends," shared Julija.  

Company culture as a key factor in employee retention 

At Assist Digital, we're committed to creating a workplace where our employees can build meaningful careers. Whether you want to grow vertically, take on new challenges, or stay in the same role and hone your expertise, we're here to support you. We believe that the loyalty of our employees speaks volumes about the value of a career in Assist Digital, and we look forward to welcoming more dedicated professionals into our team. We believe that the loyalty of our employees says a lot about how well we do it, and we look forward to continuously expanding our team and having the opportunity to hire more dedicated professionals. 

"Assist is a healthy environment, and I never had the feeling that the company was in any way slowing down or not following my progress with a higher position. Also, at no time did I feel discrimination based on gender, age, etc. The harder you work, the more rewarded you are," Julija concluded. 

If you are also interested in joining us, take a look at all open positions and become part of our fast-growing team. 


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