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We attract and retain our employees with good benefits

Without dedication, you can’t build a marriage, friendship, client relationship, culture, or company. Loyalty is not a weakness but a decision that goes both ways.
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Being a Customer Care Consultant means being the first point of contact. It's not an easy task which often requires dozens of phone calls a day and numerous chat or email conversations to address various inquiries and issues, but it also is more than that. Consultants build relationships with customers, contribute to the digital transformation of brands, and create a perception of the client. That's why they are our superheroes, but they also need support. We can achieve great things only if we are dedicated to them and vice versa.  

Committed employees are proof that we're on the right track 

Being committed to your employer or employee is not a weakness but a decision that goes both ways. We feel connected when we can express ourselves, be ourselves, and build our business story together. When we have that connection, we give more – we show determination, we are more productive, and we proactively solve tasks. In other words, we work wonders for our customers, our development, and the company's development. That is why we will always provide you with everything you need to know that we appreciate you and follow your development and performance. We build an environment for you in which it is interesting to work, in which you will feel safe and have the opportunity for growth and learning. 

Many of our Consultants, with their knowledge, can work anywhere. Still, they choose to stay with us long-term for various reasons - some because they are advancing, some because of the interesting job, rewards, working conditions, benefits, or security... The Consultants in Rijeka who have been with us for more than ten years and thirty Consultants in Zagreb who have been with us since the first day of opening the office in 2019 confirm that we are doing an excellent job in this regard.

Everyone has their own reason for staying with us 

Everyone has their own reason and path, and it's up to us to recognize it and ensure that each of our superheroes has everything they need for further career development. That's why we are providing our employees with a loyalty bonus after a year of work, a welcome bonus for certain positions after three months of work, the MultiSport program, a lunch card, a salary increase depending on seniority and monthly targets achieved, fully paid transportation, and more. We also offer internal mobility at an international level, regular and diverse online workshops, and other international opportunities. 

We're thrilled that our Consultants are changing the stigma that all customer service departments are the same, that careers can't be developed in our industry, or that we're just stepping stones to another job.  

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