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Are you looking for a job that can accommodate your schedule or goals?

Then, a Customer Care Consultant position at Assist Digital is ideal for you.
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Whether you want to develop an international career, prioritize your education or family, or start a new job in your forties, we offer you the ideal place to achieve your goals. We value your dreams, which is why we want to help people with different perspectives and experiences achieve their business and life objectives, whatever they may be.

Is a week made up of 24 hours?

At Assist Digital, we strive to adapt to your needs. Depending on the current needs of clients and projects, you can find a working model that suits you best - we have options for working 24, 36, or 40 hours per week. In addition, depending on the position you're looking for and with the consent of your coworkers, we also offer alternatives for hybrid work and hour adjustments. For example, parents with young children may need to coordinate with their children's sleep schedules. On the other hand, parents with slightly older children may need to adjust to school schedules or extracurricular activities. It doesn't have to be just parents; some of us function best in the morning, while others prefer to switch schedules because they are more productive later in the day or want to avoid traffic when driving to work. Everyone has their own rhythm, and we are here to understand you.   

"It's great that I can set my hours, assign tasks and priorities, and work from home or the office. That way, I can easily handle the business and family obligations of having children. When I have free time during the day, I spend it with my family and play tennis. We have 24 days of vacation time available in addition to our flexible work schedules, so I can still fit in time for my other interests". 

Kristijan Ivanjek, Customer Service Guest Triage Agent

Is it "just" a job, or is it a career? At Assist, both is possible. 

Whatever your ambitions are, you can achieve them with us. Everyone is different; for some, working as Customer Care Consultant is a part-time or occasional student job; for others, it's an excellent opportunity to advance their careers. Both is possible with us. For the most of our management employees, for instance, the job of Customer Care Consultant served as the stepping stone for internal promotion. According to statistics, 25–35% of Assist employees receive a promotion each year. In addition, our mentors provide internal programs to support your rapid growth. On the other hand, some people don’t want to get promoted; perhaps all you want is a job that gives you security and financial freedom, higher pay, or makes student days more enjoyable. Every job doesn't need to be a "calling." However, having favorable working conditions, a top-notch office staff, and a respectable wage is still essential.

"It's not easy to study and work at the same time, but with my student job, I can balance both. In addition, thanks to internal courses, I am improving my foreign language skills at work".  

Marko Duždević, Customer Care Consultant

Many doors are opening for you at our company that are not immediately visible. We are all different, but at Assist, our differences unite us and make us an unbeatable team. So follow your dreams and take advantage of the opportunities that come with working as a customer service representative. If you want to work with us, we are hiring in Zagreb - see our open positions.


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