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Selection processes can be long and they often bring a dose of uncertainty. We designed a simple, quick and accessible process. Take a look!
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Selection processes can be long and they often bring a dose of uncertainty. We designed a simple, quick and accessible process. Take a look! 

Among the messages sent from your mailbox is an application for an open position at Assist Digital? Congratulations, you took the first step! You are now a part of our selection process, and our professional HR team will guide you through it in no time. What do we expect from our candidates? We hope for motivation to develop a career in customer support, a desire to learn and to be a team player. 

"Hello, we are calling from Assist Digital.” 

The first step of our selection process is the so-called "CV screening”. HR team examines received CVs in detail and gets an insight into the candidates’ previous experience and skills. After we assess the potential for cooperation, you can expect a phone call from us. Within this first contact we arrange an interview in our office or online and share general information about employment and tasks, such as the start date.  

A pleasant conversation with the future team  

The next step is the job interview, which also includes a written language test. This combination helps us get a complete image of the candidate. At the interview, we discuss expectations from our employees, share information about the typical working day of an agent, and are open to all your questions. Depending on the schedule, we are also joined by Team Leaders or colleagues from the Quality & Learning department. This is an opportunity for candidates to get to know the team they would be working with and learn first-hand all the details about the job, tasks, and expectations. 

You are wondering how you could prepare yourself for the job interview? We always appreciate the basic knowledge of our company and understanding of the customer support business, regardless of your experience in the field. Communication skills, calmness, and speed are developed in solving inquiries in customer support. We are searching for precisely this potential when talking to candidates. 

In our office and the interview, we strive for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. So, among professional and relevant topics, we find time for a light conversation. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during the interview and talk to us without nervousness.   

We know that no one likes to wait 

That's why we get back to you very quickly. In order not to keep you in suspense, you can expect feedback within three days of our meeting. In exceptional cases, if we need more time, we will let the candidates know where we are in the stages of the process. We do not want them to get the wrong idea or feel forgotten.  

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What do our employees say about the selection process at Assist Digital? 

"The interview was conducted via Zoom, given that I was still living in Germany at the time. I even had to postpone it three times due to various circumstances (Covid and such). However, I already had a positive impression because of the understanding and openness I was shown. Iva greeted me with a smile and told me to more about the company, expectations from employees, and the atmosphere in the office. We spoke in German, English, and Croatian. After the interview, I became even more interested in the job and felt very satisfied!" 

Petra Fabijanić, Customer Care Consultant 

"The entire recruitment process was pleasant and professional. Shortly after filing my application, the interview took place. Before I knew it, I was a part of the company. During the process, I received detailed explanations and an overview of the workplace. What I especially like is that even though I don't speak Croatian, I fit into the team perfectly and the language barrier never became an obstacle!" 

Michaela Hörner, Customer Care Consultant 

If you are considering applying, we hope we have encouraged you and provided the needed information. Check out our tips on how to write a great CV, and find open positions here.  


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