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How to write a winning CV

The table holding resumes has two piles. Here are some tips on how to make yours end up in the right pile.
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Speed, simplicity, and an excellent visual impression are crucialto everything we do today. These three characteristics can be applied to a multitude of things, including creating a CV, the one which slays. At Assist Digital, we receive many resumes on a daily basis, so we are experienced in understanding the profiles behind them. Factual content in a suitable format is attractive, and what is most effective for us also helps you. Let's get started.  

Say everything you want with as few words as possible 

If you google “how long does the selection team read a CV”, you will get a surprising answer - only six seconds! Yes, that's too short of a time to say everything you want about yourself. Of course, not everyone will agree, because it depends on the size of the company, the number of applications received and the position itself, but most agree that it is preferable for a CV to have up to two pages. 

At Assist Digital, we take time with each application. Our employees reflect the diversity that enriches us, and that's why we go through every CV received in detail. However, we still appreciate if we can quickly conclude whether we are a good match. 

Adopt simplicity as a virtue 

We all like a user-friendly impression we get seeing good working experience in a transparent format in which everything makes sense. You can win over future employers with just such a resume. All information should be arranged meaningfully, clearly, and chronologically (recent information first, followed by older). Adjust the CV to theemployer you are sending it to by adapting the personal statement and skills you want to highlight. We will quickly get the impression that you are addressing us, and we appreciate that. 

Assist Digital's selection team gives opportunities to candidates who match the required characteristics and knowledge. With a well-structured CV, you stand out from the rest and show good organizational skills. 

Choose an effective format 

Digital tools are available more than ever to achieve a great looking CV quickly. For example, Canva and Europass offer free templates with which you get professional and visually attractive documents. If you don't want to use the default formats,get inspired before creating your CV so that the proper structure that employers expect is maintained. Very important: check your spelling more than once!We understand that spelling mistakes and typos appear, but in a CV, the document with which you introduce yourself to a potential employer for the first time, they shouldn't occur. 

It is much easier for the HR team to go through well-known formats because they know where certain information is. If the document is pleasing to the eye, you will leave a positive impression. 

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Make sure that your CV contains the following information: 

  • Personal data (name and surname, address, e-mail, phone number, LinkedIn profile) 
  • Personal statement (a sentence or two about yourself and why you think you are a good fit for the job, direction you want to develop in, and where you see yourself in the future) 
  • Work experience (bonus tip: if you are inexperienced, write a longer personal statement) 
  • Education 
  • Skills (personal and IT) 
  • The languages you use 
  • Interests 

At Assist Digital, an international customer experience management company, we offer positions in customer support. We know that each person has a unique CV, and we read each one with interest, wanting to welcome you! Although we always accept resumes, you can also apply for open positions at Assist Digitaland perhaps add the position: Customer Care Consultant, at Assist Digital Croatia to your CV. We are waiting for you! 


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