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Coffee break with Ivan Kofler: Onboarding education at Assist Digital

Find out firsthand what makes the initial training at Assist Digital successful and how it gives our employees the confidence they need
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It would be great to know what to expect in the first weeks at a new job, that the support of colleagues is always available, and some stage fright is completely normal. We want to make the transition easier for new employees and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools, as well as confidence and security in their first days. Guided by this idea, we designed a three-week onboarding education for new employees, which introduces them to the work environment step by step. We share with them examples from practice and introduce them to colleagues, all with the same aim - to give them the necessary knowledge and a sense of belonging. 

Na tu temu razgovarali  smo s Ivan Kofler, Customer Care Consultant, who recently joined us in our Zagreb office, and found out everything you might be interested to know about first days at Assist Digital.

How do you feel about your first few weeks in our team?

„Tri tjedna su mi proletjela! Prolazeći kroz zanimljive i korisne teme s novim kolegama bio sam opušten i brzo usvajao upute i napredovao. Moja trenerica je uvelike zaslužna za odličnu atmosferu koja se zadržala kroz cijelo vrijeme trajanja obuke. Komunikacija je baš kakva treba biti – pristupačna, ugodna i nije bilo krivog pitanja! Što se tiče sadržaja, sve je bilo logično strukturirano i s fokusom na bitno. A dodatna podrška su mi bili i jednostavni digitalni alati za usvajanje tehnika. Postepeno smo se i upoznavali s uredom i novim kolegicama i kolegama, tako da smo dobili širu sliku cijele priče koja nas čeka.“

Now, after the initial training, the real work begins! Do you feel ready?

"Yes, I feel ready, especially when I know that the support is still here. Some stage fright was present at the beginning, but quickly disappeared. The initial education process is useful and much need, as well as all the available tools, such as the online guide which holds plenty instructions and possible scenarios. Also, new employees stay together, and the team of agents who are available to help provide us a sense of security, making it easier to acclimatize to the new job. In addition to all that, the main challenge at the beginning is telephone communication because here the human factor is involved, which you cannot be fully prepared for - 100 people, 200 wonders!"

And your colleagues? How did they welcome you in the team?

"Extremely warm welcome in the best team in the world! What really stands out in Assist Digital is precisely the team spirit with which you feel constant support. There Team Leaders also play an important role in the first weeks and I am definitely happy with the professional and friendly support I received. During coffee breaks colleagues shared various tips and tricks with me and cheered all of us newly hired on! I would say that the newly hired are the "babies" of the team and in their „raising“everyone participates. And really, high results are achieved with such an attitude. And to sweeten things up the end of the training - a box of sweets was shared and turned the initial worries into sweet worries!"

You can become part of our team very soon, because we are currently looking for Customer Care Consultants fluent in Italian, German, and English. Apply here and join your future colleagues for the initial training at Assist Digital.


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