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Our employees deserve thank you messages

There are people who don't like surprises, but everyone likes gifts! We at Assist Digital know this and that's why we introduced a whole series of reasons and opportunities to reward our employees.
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Yes, this is a text in which we will brag a little and show how we care about our employees and appreciate their work because we firmly believe in „sharing is caring!“ It has been scientifically proven that generosity makes us happy and establishes close and sincere interpersonal relationships. A good atmosphere and a strong team spirit are exactly the culture we nurture in our offices. 

We prepared a series of gifts for our employees which are waiting for them on the way, starting from their first day of work to ten years of employment at Assist Digital. 

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Hocus pocus – you have a bonus!

Your first working day in our call centre starts with a welcome package in which you will find various things that will light up your first day and warm up your story with Assist Digital. After a year, we want to say thank you for your hard work and for that occasion we introduced our loyalty bonus. The mentioned hard work and effort do not go unnoticed, and that is why we introduced the operating bonus you can receive if you exceed the expected results, while you have continuous support from our side. 

In addition to bonuses, we also give out chocolates and greeting cards, and that happens, you guessed it, on your birthday. Also, we care about your health, so we have provided you with a Multisport card with which various trainings are at your fingertips. In order for employees to spend their days off as relaxed as possible in the circle of their dearest people, we have provided the so-called special bonuses - Christmas, Easter and holiday pay.

A good word travels far

It's no secret that we have a really great team and employees often recommend us to their friends or family members through the Employee Referral Program. If you bring someone of yours to us, it will not only make you happy, but also us, and we will reward you with a - well, now you already know - bonus! 

We like to encourage our employees to take on challenges and positive changes, so if you want to move from other parts of Croatia or abroad to Zagreb for a certain project because of us, we will co-finance your move in the amount of up to 500 euros. 

Trips and raffles as the "cherry on top!"

We recently celebrated 10 years of Assist Digital's existence in Croatia with our first office in Rijeka. We used this opportunity to thank our long-term employees, as many as 18 of them, who have been with us since the very beginning! For them, we organized a weekend trip for two at a location in Croatia of their choice. We also played a raffle during the evening and had the pleasure of drawing numbers and making our employees happy with various gift packages, from super useful vouchers to dinner for two and massages.

The success and stability of Assist Digital is achieved by people, and their efforts and loyalty deserve to be rewarded and confirmed. It is precisely through celebrations such as this one that we have the opportunity to express our satisfaction to the employees who have been with us for many years, as well as to send the many messages of thanks to our valuable employees. 

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Perhaps we opened your eyes a little to the moment that giving is a beautiful part of many relationships - friendships, partnerships and business. And maybe we encouraged you to check our open positions and get to know us even better!


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