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Summer is in full swing, just like us!

Find out how we prepared for another warm and busy summer!

Summer is in full swing, and our Zagreb office thoroughly prepared for it at the very beginning of the season by organizing a Pre-Peak Party during which our employees welcomed another working summer in a splendid atmosphere, dancing the night away.

We prepared in time

It is no secret that our team has plenty of good ideas and reasons to throw a party, so they were more than happy to takeover the complete organization and prepare a wonderful evening for all employees on June 24th, where everyone had a great time together and warmed up for the work ahead!

The largest number of user inquiries to Assist Digital's call center in Zagreb comes in July and August, so this is also the most active period at our office. Our Melita Bencan, senior customer care consultant and one of the party organizers, knows this very well, she says, "I look at the whole season as one big adventure, because no matter how much experience, knowledge and preparation we have, we are always surprised by a new situation. We wanted everyone to welcome the peak of summer satisfied and with a smile. I would say that this is crucial so that we can provide stress-free and high-quality customer service."

We showed our creative side


Our Zagreb Fun Team Team had their hands packed with preparations, however, help from the rest of the employees was not missing! How harmonious and creative they are in their performances is best shown by the fact that they found all the roles that a good party needs - among themselves! This is best seen by the role of Saša Stević, customer care consultant, who was in charge of karaoke. Saša shared that the karaoke’s were accepted as soon as they started, and he revealed to us, "The turnout was even bigger than at last year's party! Everyone wanted to grab the microphone. I believe that both singers and listeners had fun, or at least it seemed that way from my perspective. There were some unexplained, but thankfully minimal, acoustic difficulties as far as sound reproduction was concerned, but these are things that a trained ear will notice so it didn't affect the performance of our stars of the night."


There is no good party without a DJ, and Melita found herself in that role, "as a big music lover, I signed up because I wanted to entertain my colleagues and myself with a carefully selected playlist. People's feedback was excellent during the event, and it was a great pleasure for me to play music and see the satisfaction on the faces of my colleagues, while I was planning the next song that will launch them into a good mood."

Our Pre-Peak Party found a place in our memories, and it makes us happy that such parties are a part of our story. We always like to encourage our employees to develop their interests and creative sides, to try out different roles and put themselves in front of challenging situations. We know that this is how we grow together.


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