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Dejan and Vedrana live in Croatia and work with people from all over the world

You don't have to travel to Italy or wait for another German movie on Netflix. A job in a contact center is an excellent opportunity to talk to customers and colleagues all around the world.
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In Croatia, there aren't many opportunities to speak German or Italian daily, but we have some good news. You don't have to travel to Italy or wait for another German movie on Netflix. A job in a contact center is an excellent opportunity to talk to customers and colleagues all around the world. That's why Dejana and Vedran decided to join our team.

Work with people from all over the world

Vedrana Meljkuti Rožić

I lived in Italy where grew up and learned my first words in Italian, finished my studies, and fell in love with the language. Now I work at Assist Digital and love that I get to speak the language every day. I am part of the quality team, and my job is to monitor agents and help them enhance their performance. This means that we monitor all inquiries that arrive at our call center and advise agents on how to approach each of them. When we're not working with agents, you'll find us in a meeting with colleagues from Italy, Tirana, or Tunisia. At Assist Digital, every day is an opportunity to learn something new, such as cool phrases and new skills.

Vedrana Meljkuti Rožić

Improve your knowledge with native speakers

Although they work in different teams and even different cities, Vedrana and Dejan have one thing in common. They love working in an international environment for top brands and in a foreign language.

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A job at Assist Digital is an excellent opportunity for those who speak English, German or Italian but don't have the chance to use them daily. I currently work as an Internal support Agent, which means that I help agents with challenging queries or queries that they have not encountered. Even though it's fun, it's not always easy to understand the different accents or to find the right words every time, no matter how well one speaks the language. That's why learning at Assist Digital never stops. We have so many language learning materials, internal trainings, workshops, and individual language trainings with trainers who continuously monitor our progress. I'm getting better every day, and so is my team.

Dejan Mrkaja

Join Dejan, Vedrana, and the rest of the team!

We always have a place for hard-working and motivated people who want to learn and have fun. If you're looking for a new job, and you don't need subtitles for German, English, or Italian, we could be a match. Learn more about working as an Customer Care Agent and become part of our team in Zagreb or Rijeka. You can follow our story on Facebook and Instagram.


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