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What does a day at Assist Digital look like?

If you want to take a peek at our centres and check how we spend our days at work, let us take you on a virtual tour of our offices in Rijeka and Zagreb!
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If you want to take a peek at our centres and check how we spend our days at work, let us take you on a virtual tour of our offices in Rijeka and Zagreb!

Our offices are open, spacious, and large enough to organize workshops and gatherings for more than 140 agents from Rijeka and 250 agents from Zagreb. It is a combination of experts who provide support to top brands in managing their relationships with consumers. The office in Rijeka, like the one in Zagreb, is home to the digital transformation of brands, and the secret of success is in creating the best possible user experience. Our agents talk to customers and find answers to all questions asked. And they do it in as many as three languages! In Rijeka you will often hear Italian, and in Zagreb English and German.

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In addition to providing an exceptional user experience on a daily basis, we also get to have fun. We want everyone to feel good and comfortable in their workplace and that’s why it’s not just the office that’s open. The whole team is open – for obtaining new knowledge, skills, teamwork and fun. Our task is to provide customers with support, understanding and help them solve their problem with ease. Often the prerequisites for this are friendliness and kindness, and where else to recharge your batteries than in our lounge space where you can relax or challenge a colleague to a playstation match.

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Every day is dynamic and full of learning opportunities. We monitor the performance and take care of the progress of our employees, and at the end of each week and month we declare the best employee! In the meantime, we collaborate, develop skills and grow together. We are with you during your big and small moments. We are doing well and that is why we need more motivated and communicative speakers of German, English and Italian. If you find yourself in the description - let us know!

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