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How is digital transformation improving customer support?

Read on below to find out more about what digital transformation is and its importance in managing relationship with customers.
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When contacting a large multinational company or a well-known brand in most cases the call will be directed straight to the call centre. Before, getting in touch with customer support meant dialling a phone number and waiting for an agent to pick up. Nowadays, customer support implies many agents who collaborate, learn, and develop their skills through various communication channels, and are available at a single click. Rapid change is the only constant in today’s world, and the art of adapting is the key to success. Read on below to find out more about what digital transformation is and its importance in managing relationship with customers.

New Communication Channels

According to a survey, during the day, *68% of users spend more time being online than offline. This means only one thing - the digital transformation of companies and brands is becoming an imperative. When we talk about the call centres, digital transformation refers to the change in communication channels. Back in the days, when you wanted to contact the customer service you either had to pick up the phone or send a letter. Today, you have multiple communication channels to choose from such as e-mail, SMS, and live chats. Technology and digital channels enable faster information flow and the facilitate large databases that help agents enhance the user experience. A query that is successfully resolved becomes an example of good practice for a similar challenge in the future. Digital transformation is the key to easier and faster communication flow, easy service accessibility, and customer satisfaction.

Rising Customer Expectations

Customer satisfaction is extremely important, both for the contact centre and the client. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed the help of a contact centre and expected expertise, reliability, and fast solution? One thing customer want more than anything is their queries being resolved quickly and efficiently. How long are they going to have to wait for an agent and how fast is the query going to be resolved are the fundaments of customer support. When we talk about communication, digital transformation is a valuable opportunity for many organizations and brands to leverage technology to provide truly excellent customer support. Numerous studies show that many customers change to a different brand after a poor encounter with customer support, so it is clear why customer satisfaction is so important why it needs to be continuously monitored, measured, and improved. That is why we implemented three main segments into our business: CRM solutions, services and design, technology and process outsourcing.

The Role of Agents

After all, it is important to understand that neither technology nor all the possibilities of the digital world can affect customer satisfaction, as much as it can be affected by customer support agents. Technology can be used to support the agents, but it can never replace them. Yes, robots are amazing, but there’s nothing that can replace the kindness of an agent striving to provide the best user experience. After a mandatory initial training lasting three weeks, our agents start working in the home of digital transformation. They become bearers of change by providing customer support for top brands in tourism and many companies in different sectors. If you want to join them on a mission of becoming a customer superhero – let us know!

*Salesforce: State of the Connected Customer, 2020.


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