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Having a hobby offers work-life balance 

Find out from Kristijan and Darko, our employees, how they include hobbies in their free time and how much this means to them.
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Investing your time in a hobby brings a handful of positive influences into your life. It is an activity that you choose yourself, which means you gain personal satisfaction by pursuing a hobby. It has been proven that you can reduce stress if you add activities you love to your days, and scientific research confirms the numerous benefits of hobbies on general health. People who have hobbies are more relaxed and satisfied, because by taking time for themselves - they invest in themselves.  

In today's fast-paced everyday life, we are too often available to everyone, both colleagues at work and family. We all need a small escape which provides peace and time to concentrate on what we love. People who include a hobby in their days feel a positive effect for hours, even days, which is due to the hormone of happiness, serotonin, which is raised by physical activity, but also by creative activities such as writing, drawing, or playing music. They gain self-confidence with which they can more easily handle pressures and patience for challenges. 

All mentioned above is confirmed by Kristijan and Darko, who find time for their hobbies in addition to their work at Assist Digital. They know that it is important to spend quality free time and that with good organization they can make it possible. Their versatility enriches our everyday life at work and serves as an inspiration to all of us to do the same! 

Kristijan Ivanjek, Customer Care Consultant and tennis player 

"I was introduced to tennis at the suggestion of my parents when I was 7 years old, and immediately liked it! Through more than 20 years of playing, I have learned a lot about myself, because it is an extremely demanding sport, both physically and mentally. Growing up with tennis offered me many challenges and happy moments, and today it serves as an opportunity to relax. We all need that small escape to rest and regain your energy, and that's exactly what tennis is for me - I can't wait to pick up the racket after a day's work! Today I am also a coach for all ages, so with work and two small children it is not always easy to please everyone. It is important to have good organization and the passion which I have, mainly because I recharge my batteries by playing tennis. I put a lot of concentration on the work-life balance and simply switch to family and tennis after work. It is like this that I juggle through the various roles that I have on a daily basis." 

Darko Jeras, Team Leader and speleologist 

"I always liked to expand my horizons, so after hiking, parachuting and diving, speleology seemed like the last entrance into the unknown. The speleologist education itself was quite physically and mentally demanding, but my stubbornness and the questioning of my own limits pushed me further. I was soon attracted by the energy of the community among speleologists, and the very idea of discovering places where no human foot has ever set impressed me completely. But what I particularly like is the broadness speleology as an activity offers. To be well prepared for exploring the underground, we must skillfully master the accompanying useful skills such as staying in the wilderness, camping, or searching for inaccessible locations across the country. I am especially happy that we use our knowledge and physical fitness for socially beneficial volunteer actions such as cleaning the underground, humanitarian actions with schools and hospitals, and covering the roofs of victims of the recent earthquakes in Zagreb and Petrinja. Most of the activities take place on weekends, so it is rarely a problem for me to balance work with my hobby." 

The Assist Digital team has many more interesting colleagues who are engaged in various inspiring activities in their spare time, if you see yourself among them, take a look at who we are looking for,or send us your CV! 


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