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No limits: career at Assist Digital

Unsure about where you want to work? No worries! Ana Marković, our HR Generalist, who started her career at Assist Digital as a customer support agent, was once too. Read her story!
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Find out what your career path might look like

For almost ten years, Ana has helped us respond to some of the biggest challenges and confirmed that there are no limits for the diligent and ambitious.

She started out as a customer support agent

„Javila sam se na oglas za posao agentice korisničke podrške jer je Assist Digital tada bila jedina međunarodna kompanija u Rijeci koja je mladim ljudima bez puno iskustva pružala priliku za rad na zanimljivim zadacima i to na talijanskom jeziku koji je meni oduvijek blizak. Iako je i meni i kolegama korisnička podrška tada bila nepoznat pojam, iznenadili smo se koliko je posao raznolik, zadaci zanimljivi i koliko se iz svakog upita može naučiti. Imali smo super tim i sjajne trenere koji su uvijek bili tu za nas. Uz želju i volju za učenjem brzo smo pohvatali sve konce i samostalno rješavali vrlo zahtjevne upite.“

Effort and perseverance led her to the position of Team Leader

Inquiries coming to our call centre are real little puzzles for us. They require finding a solution quickly and are always easier to solve when repeated a second or third time. Although often more users respond with the same query, each conversation is a new learning opportunity. Finally, Ana was ready to use them all. She soon advanced to the position of Team Leader and transferred everything she learned to a team of fifteen agents.

"The most beautiful part of this job is definitely the opportunity to talk to many different people, their positive reactions, and the energy that sparks in the team after the inquiry has been successfully resolved. I loved that energy in the position of Team Leader as well. Both jobs were dynamic, and each day was different. Sometimes we would know the answers to all the queries, and sometimes we would gather the whole team around just one question. That is why it has always been important to me that we cooperate and help each other. We made friends on the way, shared what we knew, and always encouraged each other. We grew internationally and opened offices in Tunisia and Tirana. This gave us a chance to work with colleagues from different parts of the world. We worked at several locations and had a great time. It was another experience that prompted me to go a step further. "

A step further for Ana meant a complete turnaround

"I enjoyed the training I spent with the agents and realized that the most important thing for our work is a diligent and ambitious team. When I saw that HR was looking for a new member, I immediately signed up. At Assist Digital, they recognized my interest, encouraged me to try out different roles, and created an open environment in which I could thrive. I have been in HR for five years, and today I work as an HR Generalist in Rijeka. I am part of the process, from selecting and hiring candidates to monitor their development, so I was given a lot of exciting tasks and beautiful moments. Sometimes you are greeted by an unexpected message of thanks for everything you do. Sometimes someone notices that you are crowded. Coffee is created on your table. Sometimes the boss pays extra attention to thank you for what you do. These moments make me especially happy and make everyday challenges more manageable. It's great to work in such a team, to see Assist grow, colleagues progress, and new colleagues come to a section where they will feel comfortable and want to stay. "

Join our team because we look for ambitious and diligent customer support agents like Ana. If you apply for a job, there is a chance that she will read your resume. So, check open positions for employment in Zagreb and Rijeka. Maybe we are a good match!


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