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A day in a life of a Quality Specialist

How do agents manage to provide the right answer to each query? With a lot of education and a lot of support from the quality team. Here's what it takes to be a Quality Specialist!
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When contacting customer support, customers seek a helping hand, and by providing them with the correct answer each time, regardless of the agent, we exceed their needs consistently. How do we achieve that? With a lot of education and a significant amount of help from our quality team! Knowing what's required and expected of you as a Quality Specialist can be quite confusing. To help you understand what it takes to become a valuable addition to our quality team, we teamed with our Quality Manager Costantina Ferrari. This is your guide through day-to-day activities and some of the most rewarding aspects of the job!

"The primary goal of a quality team is to ensure our agents are providing high-quality service according to the Client's requirements. We do this by supporting our agents and encouraging improvement from day one." — says Costantina.

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Costatina Ferrari, Quality Manager

This implies monitoring customer service performance across support channels such as calls, emails, and chats and providing evaluations with meaningful and constructive feedback. It also means leading 1on1 coaching sessions and facilitating group training on a range of skills and expertise. This helps agents improve their performance, and that's why cooperation and communication skills are crucial for this role! As a team, we are constantly working together, finding new ideas, and planning the daily tasks. When working with agents, we always try to find a balance between the importance of the quality standards and the ability to cooperate with them in a relaxed and fun way." – she adds. This implies another set of essential skills such as positive thinking, effective communication, and empathy.

The Quality team is a team of 14 excellent and professional people with different skills and qualities speaking different languages. Our team in Zagreb speaks German very often, and our team in Rijeka never misses a chance to perfect their Italian. These are all great opportunities to learn something new. When working with so many brilliant colleagues, top brands, and leading clients, not one day is the same.

If you want to become a part of our story and empower agents to help our customers in the best way possible, it's time to start polishing your CVs. There's an open position for a Quality Specialist!!


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