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Day in a life of a Customer Support Agent

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a Customer Support Agent? Our agent Bruno Ćubić told us everything about his day.
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Have you ever thought about becoming a Customer Service Representative? Providing great customer support requires a lot of patience, empathy, and positivity. However, there is so much more to handle on the way. That’s why we asked our customer service representatives to describe what it takes to provide excellent customer support. One of them is Bruno Ćubić. When he's not working or DJing, Bruno is here to tell you all about his day in a life at Assist Digital.

“Our services are very precise, and we strive not to miss any detail we may bump into during the process. Once we're well rested and ready for the day, we take notes of every step we take and fact-check every information we provide to a customer. We read news to stay on top of things, exchange different currencies for accuracy, shorten URLs for aesthetics, check our guidelines for directions and use reminders as an insurance we have done everything that could have been done for our customers. With everything we do, we care, thus we treat the query as it was our own. Because we all needed support from a customer service at least once in our lives, right? “– says Bruno. Once they get in touch with the customer, team is making sure to find a solution to their query. It may sound like a one-man band. However, customer service is more of a team work than what you might think. „Many times, we are actually working as a team. By using a carefully narrated system, team members can understand a query at any given point and pick it up effortlessly. We operate under mutually agreed principles which are designed to provide a standardized quality guest service every time, regardless of if we communicate through a live chat, text message, phone call or email. Our open-space offices are making it even easier because we get to chat with our colleagues in between the cases. – Bruno explains. This fits into the organizational culture because everyone is open to meet new people and experience new things. Our culture is also manifested through treating each other the same way we treat our customers. We stand up for each other and support one another, coach, and give advice. Even though each one of us is different, our organizational culture encourages us to be aware of everything and everyone around us. More importantly, it encourages us to accept who we are and motivates us to become who we want to be. “– he adds.

If you want to be a customer service representative, we are here to help you in the process! Entering a new role can be quite challenging and rather scary when you aren't familiar with the environment, and don't know what to expect from the job. That’s why we asked Bruno to guide you through his day! We love helping each other and truly believe that guidance is the key for growth. If you are ready for this step, check our open positions in Zagreb and Rijeka.

Blog was written in cooperation with Bruno Ćubić, Customer Support Agent


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