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Small moments are big to us

In honour of the National Customer Service Week, we listed our favourite ways to celebrate small moments.
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Last year was challenging for everyone, especially for our agents. It has completely changed the way they worked, faced them with new challenges and placed them first in contact line each time something went wrong. Despite the pandemic and the adverse conditions, we decided to turn the challenges into opportunities and established a team of Customer superheroes. Today, the team counts over 400 agents and is growing every day. Their job often requires dozens of phone calls a day and just as much interactions via chat ore-mail.Customer support agents don’t just address user inquiries, they actively contribute to the digital transformation of top brands, build lasting relationships with users, and have great impact on how the brand is being perceived. Our employees are our company's most valuable asset, and that is why we always take time to celebrate small moments.

In honour of the National Customer Service Week, we listed our favourite ways to do that.

Nurturing our time off

We introduced Fruit days, where we transformed breaks into healthy and enjoyable social eating. Such breaks are important because they improve employee efficiency and productivity. In fact, during one of our Fruit days, we found out that an apple gives you more energy than coffee. Interesting, isn't it?

Taking the time to have fun

Small moments like these play an important part in Assist Digital. Employee engagement is key to our business, and what better way to engage than by finding some off time. That is why we often organize various activities and challenges such as Airplane Challenge, Blink Day, and Pyjamas Day. They are fun to play, encourage a team spirit and leave us in awe when we see how creative and innovative our employees are. Oh, and we haven't even started talking about Assist Digital parties! We want our employees to come to work with a smile and come back home with an even bigger one. According, to the photos and we are succeeding!

Celebrating small moments

National Customer Service Week is all about being thankful for what we achieved as a team. We want to say thank you for providing exceptional customer support to every one of our agents. You are the ones changing the world for the better.


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