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The art of being a Customer Superhero while being a student

From the stories of our agents who joined us during their studies, we singled out a few tips on how to successfully balance study and work.
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Being a student is often referred to as the golden period in life. It's the period of spending time with friends and collecting memories in between attending classes and many remember it fondly. Some have decided to make the most of that time and stepped into adulthood. This is a story about them. In Assist Digital we often call our students superheroes. And they are, indeed, because although balancing college and work is a demanding mission, they make it possible. Here is how they balance work and studying!

Time management is the key!

Although it sometimes may seem like an eternity, an academic year has a total of 150 days. Why not use them to gain valuable work experience? Once you’ve decided to use your time for something other than studying, it’s important that you know how to manage it. Managing time and setting priorities is an important skill for every person, whether they are working, studying, or balancing between the two. Like juggling balls, juggling time and commitments is also a skill that requires learning. Time management not only increases productivity, but makes us more efficient, and the day is long enough if you tailor your work schedule to your lecture schedule properly. Sometimes even four hours of work is enough to learn great lessons. Step one: Set your priorities and find a job where you will have support in the process!

Never miss a learning opportunity and a chance to grow!

In Assist, support is an extremely important word. Your task is to provide excellent customer support, and our mission is to support you in the process! The first step is the most important, make sure to choose a student job in an environment that encourages excellence and development. Develop new skills, join us for that one additional German language education you always wanted, but never set out on, learn from your colleagues and never be afraid to ask your mentor for help! A student job is a great opportunity to acquire communication skills and problem-solving skills, the essential skills you will need in any future job.

Don't forget to have fun!

Finding the right balance between the academic and social life has always been challenging, especially when you add work to the schedule. After a dynamic day at work, find the time to unwind, hang out with your friends or plan an outdoor activity. Just as it’s important to set time for work and commitments, it’s important to take time for yourself - don’t forget that.

Join us in Assist Digital!

We work best when we work with creative, open, and proactive people. Whether you’re with us in the office for four or eight hours, we believe everyone can offer something valuable: help customers and solve a problem! Our story can also become your story because you could stay with us after the study, even if life takes you to Rome, Paris, or London. Until then, join our team in Zagreb or Rijeka!


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