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How to provide excellent customer service 

Customer care agents wear many hats – they possess excellent communication skills, quickly acquire new knowledge, and easily use the latest technology
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The job of a customer support agent is meaningful, dynamic and diverse. While performing their work, agents will acquire different skills, but their role requires certain characteristics in order for the service to be professional. In most cases, the call centre is the first and often the only contact with the user, thus it is necessary to act quickly and answer the user's questions in a polite, calm and professional manner. 

Developed social and communication skills can go a long way 

The most important thing for users is to feel human contact when looking for answers and support, agents usually have naturally developed communication skills that are further improved with experience. The agent politely sends a message of understanding and support using simple word choice and listens carefully to the user on the other end. Good agents also possess a virtue that opens many other doors – patience.  

A friendly approach when dealing with inquiries is the best way to connect with the user, so the person on the other end of the line feels comfortable and free to ask anything that interests them. The calmness and empathy with which the agent carefully listens to the user will lead to a high-quality resolution of the problem to mutual satisfaction.  

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Knowledge about completely unrelated topics broadens horizons 

Customer support agents provide services to various brands, and often to large multinational companies. They must possess all the knowledge about the product or service that the company offers in order to be able to answer the user's questions efficiently and easily. In order to skilfully and confidently approach inquiries, agents go through various trainings.  

Today speed is key in getting a response, so agents need to be able to retain and provide a lot of general, but often detailed, information. Of course, there is a list of frequently asked questions that they will adopt and be able to answer with confidence.  

Technology is part of everyday life 

We live in a digital age where technology is taking on more and more roles. Agents today are computer literate and capable of quickly mastering new technology. Developed technology makes their work much easier, but also requires them to be constantly ready to learn new skills and to use the latest digital tools expertly through various educations.  

At Assist Digital, we have a clearly developed onboarding process that begins with a three-week training of new employees, as well as continuous education so that our employees are always informed about the latest processes and have relevant information at their disposal. We nurture teamwork at the highest level so that everyone feels supported and has the necessary confidence that they can turn to their colleagues for help or advice at any time. We also nurture a good atmosphere at work, because it's easiest to provide support with a smile if we're smiling together! 

Take a look at our open positions and become part of the versatile and ambitious Assist Digital team! 


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