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Why is the job of a customer support agent so important? 

In most cases, this is because the call center is the first and potentially only point of contact with the customer.
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Customer service connects the entire business of a company and is often at the center of a company's focus. It encourages customer loyalty and makes work easier for employees, which will lead to company growth. By providing excellent customer support, organizations retain talent and foster brand loyalty. Customer service has always been, is and will be one of the strategic areas in companies.  

At Assist Digital, we are very aware of this and that's why we strive for the best service provided by our agents and there so, enjoy the trust of many multinational companies and global brands.  

Customers get what they want 

Competition on the market has never been greater, and with the development of digital technology, business has accelerated, while customer expectations have grown. Thus, customers today value speed when solving queries as well as knowledge while providing solutions. Also, customers do not want to fill out long and boring questionnaires and listen to a voice message telling them everything they are not interested in hearing, but they seek for a human contact who will provide them with professional, skillful, friendly, and as simple as possible support in their inquiry.  

Our call agents go through thorough training before beginning to work in their role and ongoing education is an integral part of our employment. Also, teamwork and a good atmosphere are at the top of our priority list! Because of this, there is never a lack of support from colleagues and we deliver our services at the expected level, while our employees feel certain in performing their tasks. 

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Less worry for company employees 

The better the customer support, the more satisfied the company's employees. This is because employees whose company provides excellent customer support have one thing less to worry about and they pass on this duty to our agents. This gives employees time and motivation to be more productive at work, their work is less stressful, and it makes them happy that they do not have to deal with additional inquiries from customers. User experience is a path where multiple roles meet, and on that path their collective satisfaction is the most important. Happy employees will attract happy customers which lead to happy agents!

The satisfaction of our agents is the starting point in our approach, and for them to know this, we introduced a series of opportunities with which we like to reward our employees.   

The organization achieves its goals

Companies that consistently provide excellent customer service enjoy a number of positive outcomes, some to highlight are: increased revenue, customer retention, earned reputation, better resilience than the competition, and deep insight into their products. 

We are aware that our employees are drivers of the engine that has positioned Assist Digital among the market leaders in providing customer support. That's exactly why we call our employees Customer Superheroes! 

If you want to be part of an international company that holds the key to the success of many globally established brands, follow us on social networks and our website, get to know us better and keep up to date with job ads - we are happy to receive open applications, as well.  


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