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Who says you have to choose between challenging tasks and work-life balance?

Whether you want to spend your free time in nature or on the sports field, with colleagues from work or with family and friends, with Assist Digital, you can.
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Hundreds of inquiries are arriving at our contact centres daily, and we're growing fast. That is why we make sure our team also enjoys their free time in addition to enjoying work. Nikolina, Kristijan, and Lori say that we are good at it. Although they work in different departments, they have one thing in common - they know how to achieve a work-life balance.

Free time is important to us, so we care about yours

Lori je Data Scientist i pravi problem solver. Njen je zadatak osigurati lakše i jednostavnije pružanje korisničke podrške kad god agenti uoče neki problem. Najčešće dan započinje pozivom  “Hej, ne radi mi nešto u izvještaju, kako da to popravim?, a završava s grafovima i tablicama koje agentima pomažu da bolje pristupe rješenju problema i lakše odgovore na najzahtjevnije upite korisnika.

Although some of my close colleagues work from the office, my workday starts at home with a massive mug of coffee because data analysis, tables, graphs, and reports usually require focus, attention, and patience. So it's great for me to choose my schedule, define tasks and priorities myself, work from home or the office, and most importantly, not wait for the weekend to hang out with my friends. It's also great that we have a Multisport card, so whenever I can, I jump to the gym.

Lori Brnčić, Data Scientist

Kristijan, a Customer Service Guest Triage Agent, and a star of any tennis court, also enjoys sports. When he's not onboarding new team members or helping others solve tricky inquiries, he plays tennis, organizes tournaments, and never misses opportunities to spend time with family and friends.

We like to call my role a "Floorwalker "because it requires a lot of walking around the office and helping colleagues, especially when we have a new group of agents who are still learning. I also like working from home because balancing a job and family duties feels easier. I think it's important to unplug and recharge from time to time, which means spending time with my family or playing tennis. We also have 24 days of vacation available, so there's always some extra free time.

Kristijan Ivanjek, Customer Service Guest Triage Agent

We believe that work-life balance is important. Our employees can choose when and how they want to work. Working from home became a hit among employees. However, many of our employees, such as Nikolina, who works as an HR Generalist at Assist Digital, still choose to work from the office.

It's great that we can decide where we want to work. I work from the office whenever possible because I get to spend more time with my colleagues, and it's easier to keep track of what's happening. It's always challenging in the Recruitment & Selection department because we hire about a hundred new colleagues a year. Fortunately, our managers make sure that we have time for everything important to us, so I always have enough free time for my family or a good movie on the big screen.

Nikolina Križančić, HR Generalist

Great team deserves great benefits

Our team hides true lovers of music, art, sports, coffee, and free time, so we have designed several initiatives, bonuses, and benefits. Everyone can find something for themselves. Whether you want to spend your free time in nature or on the sports field, with colleagues from work or with family and friends, with Assist Digital, you can. Find out more about us and become part of our team in Zagreb or Rijeka!

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