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Meet Matija, Domagoj and Paolo

They started their careers at Assist Digital as customer support agents and confirmed that there are no limits for those who want to learn and grow with us.
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Different career paths, the same ambition

Three years ago, Assist Digital was a team of a hundred people who believed that we could achieve great results. Matija Hefler, Domagoj Marković-Pugar, and Paolo Šverko, who started as Customer Care Agents were one of them.

Working in a call centre

Paolo has always wanted to work in tourism and was looking for a job that would allow him to develop the skills he had been working on from the beginning of his career, from communicating in demanding situations to organizing tasks and time. Matija studied Italian and looked for an opportunity to speak the language, while Domagoj wanted to work in an environment that recognizes the potential, motivates employees and rewards effort.

Countless opportunities at Assist Digital

Meet Matija

I started as a Customer Care Agent during my studies and I am still continuing my professional development. I worked as a Quality Coach, then a Quality Specialist, and finally a Quality and Learning Senior Specialist. If you always want to go a step further, professional development in Assist Digital is possible, even progressing a few times in just two years. My job involves conducting interactive workshops and training for agents, making analyses that help us see what we are doing well and what we can do better, and a strategy to improve results. I am happy when the results follow the efforts of the whole team, it is a great feeling to know that agents learn quickly, and customers recognize our work.

Matija Hefler, Quality & Learning Specialist Senior

Meet Domagoj

I also started as an agent, then an Internal support agent or Floorwalker as we like to all this role and today, I am a Team Leader. I believe that many people are familiar with the tasks of a customer care agent, but the Internal Support Agent may sound strange. In short, in that role, I was supporting all my colleagues. It often happens that someone gets an inquiry they have never encountered, and it is not always easy to find the answer to just about every user question, so my task was to jump in whenever someone needed help. This required me to understand client's services, know how to approach dissatisfied or concerned customers, empower agents for unpredictable and demanding situations, and achieve goals and targets.

Domagoj Marković-Pugar, Team Leader

Meet Paolo

Almost all the team leaders and managers at Assist Digital started their careers as customer care agents, and I am proud to be one of them. The job of an agent was diverse and dynamic. It allowed me to talk to people worldwide every day and always learn something new. I soon became the Team Leader of the team I was a member of until recently, which was challenging and interesting. I had great support from all sides, both the team and the seniors. My team achieved excellent results, which encouraged me for the next step. Today I am a Junior Business Manager and lead several different teams.

Paolo Šverko, Junior Business Manager

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Although all three work in different roles and locations, they have experienced many similar adventures in Assist Digital. Two are particularly dear to them: the launch of centres in Tirana and Tunisia, in which the whole team was involved. Domagoj and Paolo spent several months there, met different cultures, and made acquaintances that turned into collaborations. No matter where we love working together with other Assist Digital teams. This year, Matija visited our centre in Naples and met his colleagues, and learned about the projects they are currently working on. All three find these opportunities that make a call centre job so interesting. They are incredibly pleased with the joint projects and international collaborations, and the fact that they play a big part in Assist Digital, a place where everyone can find career opportunity..


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