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Tražite posao u call centru? Evo zbog čega ćete poželjeti ostati

Meet Rea and Andrea! Although they work on different projects, they agree on one thing: they both love working at Assist Digital. Here's why!
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Did you know that our team of more than three hundred employees receives almost two million calls, messages, or emails each year? And all this in Croatian, English, German and Italian. Now you know why we like to call them our Customer Superheroes. Meet Rea and Andrea! Their work often requires dozens of phone calls, emails, and chats daily. Although they currently work on different projects, they have one thing in common: they both share a great love for their work.

Why is a call center such good place to work?

Scroll through our Instagram or Facebook , and you will likely find photos of our team enjoying their break on our sunny terrace, fun memories from our Fruit Days, and numerous mini-challenge adventures organized by our Fun Team whenever there's the slightest reason for it. We believe it's more fun to work in a relaxed atmosphere, and Andrea decided to check if that was the case. We were looking for new team members and, before we knew it, Andrea started her career at Assist Digital as a Customer Care Agent. "I started working soon after we opened our office in Zagreb and immediately learned the meaning of cooperation, teamwork, and mutual support. We learned from each other from the very beginning and were always there to help. As a result, the team began to grow, and career development opportunities followed."- says Andrea, who is now part of the Triage team. Her job is to help new team members and make each new beginning as easy as possible.

A job in Zagreb, Rijeka or across the Europe

Given that we have offices across Europe, Andrea doesn't just work with our customer care consultants from Zagreb. You will often find her on a virtual trip to a meeting in Tirana or Tunisia, where she trains our new team members. No matter where she is, she's always striving to give our new agents a relaxed and fun start like the one she had. New beginnings are standard when working in a contact center. The number of inquiries is growing on numbers every day, and so is our team. That is why we're always looking for new talent. Rea joined us just recently as well. "When I first arrived for a job interview at Assist Digital, I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful office—especially the terrace, which is now our go-to place for long breaks. Although I was a bit worried initially, I am now looking forward to each day at work, morning coffees with the team, and new inquiries, even the ones I haven't encountered yet. There is no such challenge my team cannot solve."- added Rea. However, a real sign that she loves her job is that it's making her smile in the morning. Andrea agreed. "The most important thing for me is to feel good when I'm at work. That's why I applied for the job in customer service and fell in love with it.

Although Andrea has been part of the team for almost three years and Rea for a few weeks, there's something they have in common. They enjoy working in a call center, they like their to-do lists, their colleagues, and all the learning opportunities. In the end, that's why they stay!


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