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The job in the contact center is a team sport, and we have great players

Meet our team, read their stories, and learn all about the exciting moments that make us love working at Assist Digital.
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Working at Assist Digital is fun, dynamic, and full of opportunities to cope in demanding situations. Although agents with headphones on their ears often seem to be constantly on the line with their customers, working in a contact center is a real team sport. The skills we learn in working with customers are often applied in working with each other, making us excellent players. One of our team members is our customer support agent Tanja Bodrožić. This time, she shared how a positive attitude, friendly approach, and excellent communication skills create a great atmosphere at work.

If you ask Tanja and her colleagues how many times a day they say, "Hello, how can I assist you?" you might be surprised by the answer. Yet every call, message, or email is an opportunity to learn something new, find solutions even when it seems impossible, and learn to listen actively. That's why our conversations are super fun and relaxed, even with our quality specialists , who regularly guide our agents on improving their skills. We know that giving and receiving feedback might be demanding and challenging. However, in Assist Digital, it mostly comes down to a positive and relaxed conversation.

What working in a contact center makes so special

When the atmosphere is relaxed, it is easier to answer even the most demanding user inquiries and turn every interaction into a pleasant experience. Sometimes the whole team gathers around a question because different perspectives always lead to better solutions. At Assist Digital, employees treat each other the same way they treat customers. We jump in when someone needs help; we share knowledge and aren’t afraid to ask for advice. For example, in Zagreb, all our agents provide support to a top brand in tourism. It often happens that agents get a similar query that their colleague successfully solved a few days earlier, so it is not surprising that they are happy to help each other.

Do you have the customer service skills we need?

We work together and grow together. And we are always looking for colleagues with great customer service skillswho will grow with us. So, if you want to join us in Rijeka or Zagreb, you can! Just check out our open positions. To learn more about us, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram , meet our colleagues, read their stories, and learn all about the exciting moments that make us love working at Assist Digital.


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